To be found in the top menu by clicking on Nickname > Settings

Data that cannot be modified after registration:

Email address

Issuing an advertisement

To be found in the top menu by clicking on ’Issuing an advertisement’ button
Reliable trading is very important to TerraPlaza, thus there are some data that you are obliged to provide, if you want to issue an advertisement.

Obligatory data (for issuing an advertisement):

Last name
First name
ZIP code

While issuing an advertisement, you can select the categories step by step.

In the interest of the undisturbed operation of the website: if you detect any of the following cases, please do not hesitate to report it to us with the help of ’Report an advertisement’ button (your identity remains anonymous).

Undesirable contents:

Contents not fitting the category
The same ad under different categories
Products/items without price indication

Free advertisements

Issuing free advertisements is advantageous primarily for occasional advertisers.

You can only issue maximum 3 free advertisements, they can be submitted in any categories.
The number of the characters cannot exceed 500.
You can attach az most 3 pictures.
You can UP it once in every 48 hours.
You can edit it anytime.

Premium advertisement

Premium advertisements were invented to make significant difference between professional and occasional traders.
Expense/cost: 500 credits/pcs

Why is it worth issuing a premium ad?

Your ad will be emphasized/highlighted.
It can reach much more users.
You can share more information (1500 characters).
You can attach 6 pictures.
You can issue as many premium ads as you want, in any categories.

You can’t UP premium ads.

Premium ads are valid for 14 days, but could be seen on your profile page.


You can UP your free ads once in every 48 hours. This means that your ad jumps to the top of the list.

Editing your advertisement

Free and premium ads can be edited anytime.

Deleting an advertisement

You can delete your free or premium ads anytime.

If you delete your ad in 48 hours, and issue it again, it will appear in the position and with the date of the deleted ad.

Reporting advertisements

You can report the ads that violate the site regulations.
Your identity will remain anonymous, it arrives to our moderators and they will investigate it soon.

Violations you might report

Contents not fitting the category
Violation of site regulations
Violation of personal rights


You can find your notifications in the top menu.
You can modify your Notifications page, if you don’t want to receive email about your notifications.

Events/actions you might get email notifications about

If someone rates you
If someone prescribes to your ads
If the person(s) you are following issues an ad


You can follow someone by clicking on the star icon on his profile page.

You receive a notification about followings

If someone prescribes to your ads
If the person you are following issues an ad.


After purchase you can rate your partner on his profile page. The only purpose of this is to create an objective picture of the seller, any other contents are forbidden here.


Please see „Particularly forbidden in User Content” section in: Rules

Buying credits

You can buy credits on TerraPlaza, with these credits you can issue premium advertisements.
You can find this option and your credit balance at ’Issuing an advertisement’ section.

Payment methods:



The bigger package you choose, the more discount you get.

2 800 credits - 4 800 Ft
6 400 credits - 9 800 Ft
13 900 credits - 19 800 Ft
31 400 credits - 39 800 Ft
72 400 credits - 79 500 Ft

The credit system invented for TerraPlaza serves the increase in profit for the advertisers. Credits cannot be converted to money or conveyed to other users.