I. Basic terms

Operator: TerraPlaza Kft., as the founder, owner and maintainer of the Service.

Service: services of terraplaza.org website.

User: every natural person or organization who own an active User Account.

User Account: the access registered by the User, protected by password, belonging exclusively and personally to the User. It is essential for using certain parts of the Service.

User Content: all data and files uploaded/changed by the User to the database of the Operator while using the service.

Advertiser: a User who owns an active advertisement.

Administrator: a User Account with additional/elevated rights and/or accesses given by the Operator.

Visitor: a natural person who does not own a User Account (or did not sign in to his User Account yet).

II. General provisions

1. By registering to and using TerraPlaza User recognizes that he has read and understood the Terms and Conditions and will adhere to them.

2. In case User would violate the Terms and Conditions, Operator has the right to limit the requisition of the Service: to suspend the account (thereby the rights and activities) of User.
a.) Operator has the right to change the Terms and Conditions unilaterally. Operator has to notify these changes to the Users in writing at login or via the login email address provided by User at the registration or on the page of Terms and Conditions (on this site) or via the private message service of the site.
b.) By further usage of the Service/User Account user expresses his accordance with the changed Terms and Conditions.
c.) If User does not accept the changed Terms and Conditions, he may stop using the Service by not logging in to his account again, and not preparing/registering another one.

3. One User can only possess one User Account and he should not concede it to anyone else.

4. According to the primary rule the requisition of the site is free of charge.

5. User is the only one who is comprehensively responsible for the User Contents.

6. User gives up on his literary properties regarding User Contents, and cannot claim to any financial assertions towards Operator. He also entitles Operator comprehensively to use the User Contents for distribution, multiplication, public presentation, transmitting and editing.

7. User cannot claim any financial assertions towards Operator. Especially not for the reliability or actuality of the information transmitted by the Service; or for the damage or expenses that occur during or are caused by the usage of the Service (especially not if they are caused by another User); by the outage, faulty operation, unavailability or change of Service or by the moderation or the lack of it.

8. If any public or governmental body or other natural or legal person would initiate legal procedure towards the Operator or would charge the Operator unavertable financial assertions because of any User Content, Operator may shift his expenses off to User.

9. In case of legal dispute Operator asserts the competence of the court of the Operator’s location/seat.

10. When using the Service User observes the Hungarian legislation in Terms and Conditions, independently from his physical location.

11. The advertisements appearing in the Service and the observation of attendance cannot be blocked by the User, he cannot ask for or provide help with this object in the User Contents.

12. Operator has the right to suspend, change or modify the Service without providing preliminary notification to the Users.

13. In exceptional cases Operator has the right to suspend or restrain the User Account, remove User Content anytime, without any preliminary notification or oblige User to stop a certain activity within the Service.

14. Operator may send messages to User via his registered email address or via private message regarding the Service.

15. According to the Hungarian legislation (Act CVIII. Section 2, lc., 2001) the Service is considered as intermediation service regarding the User Contents, which means that according to the 3rd Article of Section 7 Operator is not obliged to control the information transmitted, stored or published by him. Operator is also not obliged to look for facts and circumstances that indicate illegal activity.

III. Moderation

1. Moderation is administered by the Website Administrators, who are supervising all contents within the service area. Exceptions are private messages and Passwords.

2. Primary aim of moderation is to sustain the friendly, constructive atmosphere and communication of the service provided.

3. Administrators have the right to revise, partially or completely remove contents, which are against the law and General Terms and Conditions.

4. Administrators have the right to warn Users for crossing the rules. In case User continue to neglect the General Rules, Terms and Conditions, Administrators may suspend or completely delete User account.

5. If a User after being banned for life creates another account, those newly created accounts will be automatically banned until further notification.

6. Moderation decisions are final. Requests and/or complaints may be sent – with sufficient reasoning - to info@terraplaza.hu.

7. Moderation request could be sent through the "Report" function of the Site, only.

8. Administrators might send a Private Message or E-mail (Why we moderated?) to User regarding moderation. However, are not obliged to send notification concerning moderations.

9. Opinions of Administrators not related to Moderation are considered as private, which not necessarily reflects the opinion of the Operator.

10. User account cannot be deleted upon request of User.

Specifically prohibited in User Contents

1. Any User activity, which may alter the appearance of the service or might obstruct the use of that, disturb other Users (I. e.: excessive use of punctuation marks, too large images, malicious programme codes, excessive use of emoticons or other clipart, continuous use of capital characters, breaching privacy, aggressive, derogatory, vulgar contents, etc.).

2. Breaking or encouraging to break the law (I. e.: incitement, libel, defamation, hate-crime, scare-mongering, threat, the use of totalitarian symbols, violation of national symbols).

3. Ethnic, racial, religious, national, ethnic, gender, political affiliation violations.

4. Contents harmful of minors (Act 2010/CLXXXV, categories falling under III-IV-V-VI: violence, sexuality, etc.).

5. „Flood” (or „crossposting”): same or slightly different content at the same and/or multiple categories.

6. „Cyberbullying”: using technology to deliberately and repeatedly bully, threaten, harass, and attack someone.

7. "Flame": the act of posting or sending offensive messages, contents.

8. "Trolling": User intentionally causes distress by posting inflammatory contents.

9. „OFF”: excessive contributions which are not within the bounds of a specific forum discussion. Posting off-topic messages to deliberately aggravate other members is a form of Trolling.

10. „Warez”: refers to freely distributed copyrighted materials considered to violate copyright law. Warez pertains to releases of unauthorized duplicates by organized groups. Warez may be pirated versions of commercial software distributed to the public through the Internet or a bulletin board system (BBS). Usually, Warez distributors obtain pre-released or existing copies of copyrighted software, discover an effective way to deactivate or crack the registration system or copyright protection employed by the original software vendors and then offer these cracked versions through the Internet for downloading.

11. Issues relating to politics, racial and ethnic issues.

12. „Publishing Private Messages”: Private Message are protected by privacy rights, hence publishing its contents requires the authorisation of both Sender and Recipient.

13. „Misuse of personal data”: putting personal data of User without Users’ permission.

14. „Libel”: refrain of libelling, even if you have seen, have purchased and/or selling the same product.

15. „Spamming”: flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it.

16. Repeatedly posting content, which had been previously moderated.

Advertising the followings is strictly prohibited

1. Protected species living in Hungary.

2. Scorpion, scolopendra, venomous snake and other highly dangerous species.

3. Only healthy, well-groomed animals may be sold. Any deficiency must be named and indicated in the advertisement.

4. Use of scientific (latin) name is compulsory.

5. Firearms, gas guns, alarm arms, balloons (airsoft inclusive), paintball, and theatrical weapons prop, antique weapons, bows, arrows, knives with blades longer than 8cm, any device listed in Government Decree 175/2003. (X. 28.) I. e.: explosives, pyrotechnic device, firecracker.

6. Excisable product (fuel, alcohol, tobacco, etc.).

7. Holiday cheques, cafeteria, securities, bank deposit, banknotes or any other non-cash assets (bank card, credit card, etc.). Antiques with no financial market value are exempt.

8. Prescription drugs, narcotics.

9. Dangerous substances (toxic, inflammable, explosive, radiating, etc.).

10. Human tissue, human organ, sexual product and service.

11. Clone, counterfeit and/or fake products.

12. Letter of Guarantee with an actual product, ID, certificate, diploma, official documents, public documents and seals (sticker, stamp, seal, etc.).

13. Illegal duplicates of copyright materials, products (software, etc.) hacker keys, codes, media, accessories.

14. Accounts of PC games (access, registration, account) and related games, which does not require accounts (typically MMORPG games), and virtual goods (character, money, others).

15. Database containing personal data: invitation to accounts (access, registration, user account), FTPs, torrents, Websites or social media.

16. Malicious software (virus, trojan, rootkit, etc.) and hardware (I. e: keylogger)

17. Mobile devices disabled by service provider.

18. Anything in breach of personal or corporate rights (human rights, defamation, copyright infringement, etc.).

19. Anything derived of criminal act.

20. Products and services prohibited by law.

21. Any kind of marketing or business activity (luring members/buyers, registry invitations, offers, announcements, etc.).

22. Multiple advertisement of a certain product or service.


1. Choosing a Username: it shall not be a protected name or brand, public figure or his/her artistic name. In addition, Username shall not damage others reputation, rights, derogatory, deceiving or shall not be a hidden advertisement.

2. It is recommended that all newly registered visit our Helpdesk.

3. Operator wish to raise the awareness, that contents uploaded onto the service area will be visible to anybody who visits its Website, uses search engines, hence caution must be kept in mind when creating a content.

IV. Data protection, copyright

1. User agrees that all data related to Users’ account shall be handled, stored and used within the limit of the service by Operator.

2. Operator do its utmost to comply with all respective legal and technical regulations regarding data protection.

3. Private Message are protected by privacy rights, hence publishing its contents requires the authorisation of both Sender and Recipient

4. Operator shall not handle User data to third party.

5. Advertiser agrees that all personal data (first and surname, country, postal (ZIP) code, address, phone number) published by will and/or generated during the usage of the service may be published to Users.

6. Operator is obliged by the law to hand over any data (User data, private messages, etc.) requested by law enforcement authorities, courts, tax authorities.

7. Our copyright information can be reached at: Impressum.

V. Fees

1. This Website is free.

2. Advertisers may use certain services (Premium Advertisement) for. Users are notified about information regarding the nature, payment methods, functions, respective fees.

3. Users verify that all data (especially bank account, bank/credit card number, etc.) provided during payment process are full and authentic.

4. Available payment methods depend on the system, country of origin, and on the currently available technical solutions. TerraPlaza has the right to change payment methods at any given time.

5. TerraPlaza has the right to change fees (virtual money inclusive). This right includes the right to increase fees of services provided on its Website.